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Transportation Services » Notice To Parents Of Kindergarten Students

Notice To Parents Of Kindergarten Students

Dear Parents and Guardians:
We are pleased to have your child enrolled at Kiski Area School District.
  • If you change your address.
  • If you add or change childcare arrangements.
  • If someone other than a parent/guardian is responsible for getting your kindergarten student from the bus.
    (The driver MUST know the person receiving your kindergarten child from their bus.)
Safe and efficient student transportation is the goal of the school district, the bus company, and the families. To achieve this goal, we request that parents and guardians help their students follow these school bus safety rules:
  • Children should be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled time for pick-up and wait in a safe place, clear of traffic, near where the bus will stop.
  • Children must keep arms and items inside the bus at all times.
  • Children must listen to the directions of the driver at all times.
  • Children must board and disembark the bus only at their designated bus stop. The school bus will only stop at school district-approved bus stops.
  • Children must NEVER attempt to pick up anything that may have dropped in front of, at the side of, or in the back of the bus at any time.
  • Children should NEVER walk behind a bus.
Remind your youngster:
  • One of the most dangerous times for a student is getting on and off the bus.
  • The areas directly in front of the bus and around the right rear are among the most dangerous because the driver does not easily see small children.
  • A parent, guardian, or adult family member must accompany the kindergarten student to and from the bus stop.
  • Due to the high capacity of the school busses, refrain from requesting that your child bring a friend home on their bus.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances when you must request special busing arrangements, written requests and approval must be obtained from the school district.