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School Crisis Information

The Kiski Area School District maintains emergency plans developed in coordination with local emergency services resources, including the police departments, fire departments, and emergency medical services that serve our schools.  Student safety is a top priority for the school district and we regularly review these plans to make sure they are as up-to-date as possible and follow current expert guidance.
Emergencies involving schools take many forms and require different levels of response by school officials, public safety professionals, and the community.   Based on the level of response required, information related to the emergency will be communicated to parents through one or all of the methods below:
  • Direct communication with individual parents who have students involved in the situation
  • Letters sent home with students
  • Mass E-Mail Notifications through our Skyward Information System
  • Announcements on the District Website
  • Mass Telephone Notifications through the School Messenger-Skylert system
  • Announcements made through local media, including television stations, radio stations, and print media websites
It is very important that parents keep their contact information updated with the school, along with the contact information of people listed as emergency contacts for their children.  Parents can easily change emergency contact information by logging in to the Skyward system and making changes on their "My Account" screen, or by contacting their child's school directly to request a change be made. 
In the event that a school must be evacuated during the school day, plans are in place to establish safe areas to shelter students and reunite those students with family members.  Multiple areas have been identified by the district for each building, and depending on the size and scope of the emergency, appropriate areas will be selected and communicated to parents through the communication channels above.  
Please do not report to your child's school, but rather, wait for official information about where you will be reunited with your child.  We understand that your initial impulse will be to rush to the school but a large parent presence will complicate the response by emergency personnel.  The district will provide detailed information about where you should report to pick up your child.