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Nursing Services » Medication Administration

Medication Administration

All medications (over-the-counter and prescription) that are to be administered by the School Nurse require a written order from the prescribing Health Care Provider (HCP).
Medication orders are instructions written by your child's HCP regarding the administration of your child's medication at school. 
PLEASE NOTE: A medication order is not the same as a prescription.  The prescribing HCP should provide the order.  
The order should include:
  • Letterhead of HCP’s practice
  • Student's name and date of birth
  • Medication name
  • Route
  • Dosage
  • Frequency/scheduled time
  • Other pertinent information
  • Prescriber's signature (MD, DO, OD, PA, or CRNP)
  • Date
Once an order is obtained, the medication should be brought to the school:
  • By a parent/guardian or designated adult
  • In the prescription bottle or over-the-counter container
Parent/Guardian consent will also be required on the Medication Administration Consent Form

Standing Orders

Standing Orders are written protocols that authorize the School Nurse to complete certain clinical tasks and administer common over-the-counter medications for specific complaints without having to first obtain an individual order for each student.
Medications from Kiski Area's standing orders are on hand in each Nurse's Office and can be administered if a student's signed/electronic Medical Information Form is on file for the current school year, and no objections are listed.  These medications include, but are not limited to:
  • Tylenol and ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) (Grades 3-12)
  • Midol
  • Tums
  • Burn gel
  • First aid cream
  • Orajel
If you would like to review the current standing orders, please click here.