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Nursing Services » Illnesses and Injuries

Illnesses and Injuries

Please contact the School Nurse should any of the following apply to your child:
Chickenpox: Your child's open sores must be crusted/scabbed over before returning to school.  Students are permitted to return to school with an excuse from a Health Care Provider (MD, DO, PA, or CRNP) once the sores have crusted and scabbed.
COVID-19 (Diagnosis or direct exposure to someone who has tested positive): Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines, along with your child's Health Care Provider's recommendations, will be followed.
Fever: Your child should be fever-free for 24 hours without the assistance of medicine before returning to school.
Influenza: Please ask your child's Health Care Provider when your child should return to school.
Lice:   As per Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines, a student who is found with an active head lice infestation and/or nits:
  • May remain in school and in class until the end of the day but will be discouraged from close, direct head-to-head contact with others
  • The parent/guardian will be notified by telephone that their student has lice and that prompt, effective treatment is necessary before returning to school.  To prevent embarrassment or social stigma, the student’s infestation will be kept confidential.  
  • The student will be allowed to return to school after being treated and the student has no live lice found on inspection. The parent/guardian will be asked to complete a Head Lice - Verification of Treatment upon the student’s return to school.
  • The school nurse will check the student before re-entering the classroom. If live lice are found, the student will be sent home.  Any absence beyond one day, relative to head lice, will be regarded as an unexcused absence unless accompanied by a physician’s excuse.
Please see the Pennsylvania Department of Health Website regarding head lice and treatment information.
Mononucleosis (Mono): Please ask your child's Health Care Provider when your child should return to school and if he/she will require any special accommodations or to be excused from gym.
Pink Eye: Your child must be on antibiotic eye drops for 24 hours before returning to school.
Rash: Any undiagnosed rash should be evaluated by your child's Health Care Provider.  Your child can return to school with written clearance.
ShinglesYour child must be on an antiviral medication for 72 hours (3 days) before returning to school.  Upon returning to school, the infected area must be covered.  Students are permitted to return to school with an excuse from their Health Care Provider once the sores have crusted and scabbed and the above listed requirements have been met.
Strep ThroatYour child must be fever-free and on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school.

Gym Excuses for Illness or Injury

Gym excuses should be taken to the Nurse's Office to be included in your child's permanent medical file.  A copy will be provided for your child's gym teacher.

Returning to School after Injury

Please have your child check in with the School Nurse as soon as he/she returns to school.  If needed, arrangements can be made for your child to have assistance in the hallways and obtain an elevator key (in buildings where an elevator is accessible). If your child will require medication for pain or another need, please see the Medication Administration Page.  If your child requires special equipment, such as crutches/wheelchair, you are expected to provide these.  Finally, please have your Health Care Provider write an excuse for gym and/or attendance, if needed.