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Athletic Director Message

Dear Student Athletes,

I have spoken many times to Kiski Area Student Athletes about taking advantage of your youth, because at some point each and every athlete gets that tap on the shoulder. That tap has happened to all former athletes.  That is the tap of time. I have over the last 3 years enjoyed watching all of our Kiski Area student athletes perform on the playing venue of their choice. 

We are in unprecedented times. As a teenager I never had to endure what you are going through at the present. So, I really have no words that may help each of you through this period in your life. The only thing I could possibly express is that my heart goes out to each and every student athlete here at Kiski Area. Especially to our seniors.  

Some of our seniors will be going on to play in college and to them, I will be watching from afar with great pride in knowing I got to watch you compete and develop into the extraordinary athletes you are. To the seniors that are moving on from athletics after graduation, I feel so many emotions for each of you. You have worked out, practiced with teammates, kept your academics up, used great time management to complete your school day, while preparing for your senior spring sports season. I am NOT giving up on thinking we will have a shortened spring sports season.  However, we do have to realize that the many aspects we, as athletes, have been taught by our coaches, are now being tested: cooperation,patience, sacrifices,responsibility, respect, perseverance. All of these were mentioned in the press release from the PIAA. These are things universally taught to all student athletes.  

Those who oversee the games we love so much, from the NCAA to the NBA, MLB and NHL, even the Olympics have just been postponed until 2021 have made unprecedented decisions. But necessary action to protect the public from the clear and present danger that COVID-19 presents to the entire World. 

As of yesterday, the PIAA has postponed spring sports for another two weeks.I have been trying to      keep the coaches up to date as much as I can. They too, are in shock as much as each of you student athletes are.

Even that being said, it certainly doesn't make it an easier pill to swallow for the student athletes in Pennsylvania and the millions around the world who had their sports season affected due to the pandemic. 

Across the country (both in high school and college), the widespread decisions to postpone or cancel virtually all athletic competition this spring has come with an understandable and unavoidable level of disappointment, anger and despair from all involved, including myself. 

The Kiski Area Athletic Department hopes this letter finds each of you and your families in good health.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you all the best during this difficult time. 



John Peterman

Director of Athletics