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Kiski Area Academic Eligibility Guidelines

End of a Grading Period - Reports are run after grades have been uploaded and posted for the nine weeks. Students receiving a 59.449% GPA or lower will be ineligible for 15 school days.

Weekly Eligibility - Grades are uploaded Thursday nights.  Reports are run on Friday mornings.  Students are either on Probation or Ineligible the Monday thru Saturday.  (See below for weekly eligibility requirements.)

Probation - Student failing one class

A student who is on Academic Eligibility Probation must complete the following:

  • The student must complete the Academic Eligibility Probation Form and turn it into the Athletic Office by Friday of that week (or the last day of the week if school is not in session on Friday).  Athletic Probation Forms are due in the athletic office no later than 8:00 am on Friday morning

  • To complete the Academic Eligibility Form, students must meet with the failing class teacher during tutoring hours (if offered in the morning), during class (if no tutoring hours are offered), or must attend gym makeup (if failing gym).  The failing class teacher must sign the form verifying the meeting, and may write down missed assignments or comments for improvement.

  • If a student on Academic Eligibility Probation fails to complete the form correctly, or turn it in on time to the Athletic Office, or falsifies any information, then that student will be assigned a study table after school, and will become ineligible for the following week.

Ineligible - Student failing two or more classes

A student who is Academically Ineligible must complete the following:

  • The student must complete a two hour study table after school on either Tuesday or Thursday, or they will become ineligible the following week also. If the student fails to complete an assigned study table, they will be assigned another study table.
  • The student is not permitted to participate in their sport, including: not be in uniform, not on the bench area, no early dismissal, or unable to travel with the team to away games. They may attend the event as a spectator.