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KA Booster Information


The Purpose and Function of Booster Clubs: 

A booster club is defined as "an organization that is formed to help support the efforts of a sports team or organization. Support is shown in many ways, including volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds to better enhance the team or organization's performance.”


Booster clubs may play a key role in supporting Kiski Area activities in many ways, and we are very thankful for the positive contributions booster clubs provide to our programs.


Booster clubs may raise money by printing promotional items like team schedules, programs, and team yearbooks. Booster clubs can financially support the program by providing additional funding for events, such as pre- or post-game dinners or social events during the season. Booster clubs may perform, meet, or organize in any way, in accordance with the above stated definition, that supports or ‘boosts’ the program they are formed to support.


It is the responsibility of the Kiski Area Athletic Director to ensure that booster clubs operate within their defined parameters.


Kiski Area Booster Clubs SHOULD:


  •  Volunteer time and raise money.
  •  Contribute funds to better enhance the team or organization's performance.
  •  Print promotional items like team schedules, programs, and yearbooks (subject to 

approval by the head coach/AD/principal

  •  Financially support the program by providing additional funding for additional equipment, 

camps, or end-of-season banquets and awards.

(Game day attire needs approved by the Athletic Director before ordering.

  •  Organize team events, such team meals.
  •  Listen and work closely with the head coach.
  • Provide the athletic department with a copy of the club’s constitution and officers by the 

first official practice day for the respective sport.

  • Provide appropriate Title IX expenditures as requested by the Athletic Director.
  •  Discuss as official business any item that meets the criteria listed above.
  • The  Concession stands MUST be cleaned after each sporting event. 


Kiski Area Booster Clubs SHOULD NOT:

  •  Openly discuss or execute a performance review of the head coach or coaching staff.
  • Review the performance of a coach funded by the booster club.  Staff evaluations are   solely the responsibility of the school district.
  • Openly discuss playing time issues.
  • Hold funding of the program in order to control the hiring or firing of the head coach or staff member.
  •  Offer up a petition by booster club members to hire/fire a coach.
  •  Plan, organize or attempt to implement an off-season training program without direction or consent from the head coach/AD/principal.
  • Use the Kiski Area School District’s tax-exempt identification number.
  • Discuss as official business any item that does not meet the definition and function of a booster club.

            In all activities the coach alone has certain prerogatives.  They are as follows:

  1. Selection, placement and play of personnel.
  2. Practice times, dates and procedure with consideration for school regulations and policies.
  3. Event strategies.
  4. Establishing and enforcing all guidelines and training rules related to their activity. Student athlete and parent/guardian sign off sheets/player contracts
  5. Letter Earners
  6. Coaches should not be approached 24 hours before or after a game about parent concerns. A scheduled meeting should be set up with the coach.



  • The head coach is responsible for all facets of the end-of-season awards banquet. The head coach may delegate these responsibilities to the booster club; however, the head coach must approve the program and the agenda.
  • The awards given out at the banquet will be distributed by the head coach/assistants.
  • There should be no open bar for adults, and parents shall not consume alcohol at banquets.
  • To avoid conflict, banquets should not be held before 12:00 p.m on Sundays.




  • The Head Coach/Sponsor must approve all advertisements and content in printed programs for Kiski Area events.
  •  All promotions must be approved by the Kiski Area Athletic Department. i.e youth club nights or any type of giveaway promotion.
  •  The Kiski Area School District reserves the right to pull programs that are not consistent with district policy.



 Fundraising is a necessary part of high school athletics today. We are very thankful for the efforts of our parents and booster clubs.

Be aware that membership on a team and/or playing time is not affected in any way by the amount of money raised by a participant.

 All gifts/donations to the Kiski Area School District should be reported to the School Board Secretary by way of the Request for Acceptance of a Gift/Grant available in the Superintendent’s office.

All game day apparel MUST be approved by the Athletic Director prior to purchasing, and all Apparel must be school colors. Also, any T-shirts sold must be approved for content


PIAA Guidelines for Pre-Season Sessions & Illegal Recruiting


Boosters are not permitted to conduct pre-season practices, arrange scrimmages or conduct organized team activities.

 No booster club member may recruit or encourage athletes from another school to transfer to the Kiski Area School District.


Boosters Will Not Have Any Role in Conflict Resolutions between Parents & Coaches

It is inappropriate to approach a coach prior to or at the conclusion of a game or practice unless the meeting has been previously agreed upon as described in the Kiski Area Athletic Department Handbook for Students and Parents. Any parent/booster complaints must go through the Athletic Office Parent concern form. 

The Coach solely will determine playing time; There is to be no discussion that would solely focus on how your son or daughter can improve his or her skills as an athlete.

 If emotions rise to an unreasonable level during the meeting, it will be concluded immediately and rescheduled.


Starting a Booster Organization at the Kiski Area School District


Booster organizations must meet with the Athletic Director and Head Coach to request formal recognition.

  1. All of the areas discussed in these guidelines are required and mandated by the Kiski Area School District
  2. Each Booster Club should have elected or appointed officers (President, Treasurer, and Secretary).
  3. Prior to the 1st practice of each season, the current booster president is responsible for providing the Athletic Director with the booster’s officers’ names and contact information (address, phone and email).
  4. Booster Club meetings should follow a set agenda each meeting (Welcome/Minutes from past meeting/Treasurer Report/Old Business/New Business).
  5. All Kiski Area School District Booster Organizations Should Comply with state and federal laws.
  1. Each Club will remain in good standing with State and Federal Laws to be recognized as a “Booster Club” by the district.
  2. To remain in good standing with the Kiski Area School District each Club should do the following:

i.        Obtain a Federal Taxpayer Identification number.

ii. Clubs should be organized in some form consistent with non-profit status

under Pennsylvania law, and must operate and fundraise only within state

and federal requirements.

  1. Upon request, boosters are required to provide the district business manager with a copy of their annual tax/ reporting returns that have been filed with the appropriate Federal and State agencies, if applicable.



1) The Treasurer’s report should contain all transactions that took place prior to the meeting.

2) The finances of each booster club should be accessible to all members.